To ensure that you reach and maintain "Active Affiliate" status each month, an automatic order, called an "Autoship", of a single product, will be created as soon as your "Business Starter Pack" order is processed. Autoship orders will not be processed until 30 days after your initial order date. If you are not satisfied with your Autoship order, you will have several choices. You can Opt/Out at Checkout or you can choose one of the other options listed below through your back office.

You can Edit your Autoship, by clicking on White Edit link.

You can Delete your Autoship, by clicking on the Red Delete Button.

Once you set up your autoship, it will be set to process in 30 days from your order date. If you want it to process asap, send an email to support. Please process my autoship today.


After you complete your free registration, you will be able to purchase products at the retail prices shown, Shipping Included.


By registering as a "Free Consultant", you will only be qualified to earn on ("Fast Start Bonuses" and "Fast Start Coded Bonuses") every weekly pay period, until and if you decide to upgrade to any "Business Starter Pack".

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